Паромный комплекс

Project: “Construction of a ferry complex in the port of Kuryk and operation of universal cargo and passenger ferries”

Customer:JSC "National Company" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy"

General contractor:Concern Naiza Kurylys LLP

  • Project Information:
  • “Construction of a ferry complex in Kuryk port and operation of universal cargo and passenger ferries” II launch complex: “On-site engineering networks: External water supply and sewage networks”, “Sorting station”.
  • The construction of the ferry complex in Kuryk port began in April 2015. After completion of all construction works, Kuryk port will have the following infrastructure:
  • Finger-pier with two berths equipped with drawbridges for servicing railway ferries;
  • Finger-pier with a pier for receiving ferries of the RO-RO type transporting vehicles;
  • A universal berth for receiving all types of vessels, including for transshipment of oversized and heavy cargo;
  • A hotel with 40 seats for drivers and passengers of vehicles;
  • Dining room with 50 seats.

Currently, the second phase of construction has been completed, the port has been commissioned, which allows processing ferries with railway cars 24 hours a day. The established railway line contains 2 parks A and B. Each park contains 6 exhibition lines providing the necessary shunting operations with wagons.

On August 11, 2018, in the Mangistau region of Kazakhstan, with the participation of the Head of State, a ferry complex was launched at the port “Kuryk”.