Railway Station Astana

ЖД узел станции Астана

Project: “Development of the railway junction of Astana station, including the construction of the railway station complex”

Customer:JSC "National Company" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "

General contractor:Integra Construction KZ LLP

  • Project Information:
  • Construction and improvement of the station complex (technical park), the facility "Drive Station Astana - Station Sorokovaya";
  • This object is the station complex of the new railway station in Astana "Nurly Zhol." The new station complex will serve 54 trains. 22 high-speed Of them, Tulpar-Talgo, standard - 16 and 16 suburban trains;
  • The railway station complex will be able to serve up to 15 trains per day, thanks to a modern automated system for troubleshooting, moving and positioning;
  • The washing time of one composition is 34 minutes;
  • Temperature operating mode From +40 to -10̊С.